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From design to construction to maintenance, Landscape Professionals bring beauty and meaning to our outdoor spaces, both residential and commercial.  Often unseen, however, are the operating challenges & exposures these professionals face in order to render their services – from risk management to contract negotiation to litigation to labor issues to compliance to scalability.

The Dunn Group has dedicated itself to supporting Landscape Professionals through alignment with insurance carriers that are vested in the success of their policyholders.  Our dedication has also led to active partnerships with landscape industry experts including the NALP, PLNA, ASCA, Greenius, Jeffrey Scott, Land-Opt & Bach Business Partners. 

Ask yourself these questions and if you can’t answer them [or even if you can] you need to give us a call to be sure you have the right coverage at the right price…

  • Do I understand what role insurance plays in my decision-making process from job costing to employee selection to internal procedures and practices?
  • Do I understand how broad or limiting my insurance program can be?
  • What policy endorsements are available to broaden coverage according to the exposures I have, and have I been offered these coverages?
  • Are my pollution exposures properly covered by my insurance program?
  • Will my insurance policy respond if I cause property damage to others?
  • Are the contracts I sign supported by my insurance program?
  • How has case law affected insurance coverage with regard to the work I subcontract?
  • If I incur a loss to my equipment what are my expectations from the insurance policy and is it written to support those expectations?
  • Am I insurance compliant with the FMCSA’s Motor Carrier Act of 1980?

Through long-term partnership with you, our commitment is to continually structure affordable, flexible & tailored insurance programs.

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